Mountain States Constructors, Inc

Mountain States Constructors, Inc. (MSCI) has a long history of building heavy civil projects in the State of New Mexico.  Even though MSCI began operation under its current business name in 1980, the history and culture of the company dates back to the early 1900’s with the Broce Family in Kansas. 

Ray Broce was a pioneer in the road building industry. His career spanned an era from building dirt roads of the 1920’s to the completion of the interstate highway system. He started his career using horse-drawn equipment to maintain roads in Harper County, Kansas. Due to changes taking place at that time in the Kansas Transportation Department Ray Broce mortgaged the family’s home in 1936 for $800, and used it to buy his first truck and became one of the most influential highway paving companies in Kansas and Oklahoma.  Building roads lead to innovation in 1961 when he opened Broce Manufacturing Co. Inc. and began producing and selling Broce Brooms which were the first self-propelled street sweeper on the market.  Broce Manufacturing is now the largest manufacturer of the self-propelled sweeper in the world.  MSCI continues to purchase Broce Brooms to this day.

Highway construction ran in the blood of the Broce Family and eventually called Ray’s son, Marvin Broce, into the business.  After working for his father for many years Marvin started Broce Construction of New Mexico in 1959 based out of Tucumcari, New Mexico.  His beginnings, much like his father’s, were of very few assets.  Through his perseverance and the work ethic, he turned Broce Construction of New Mexico into one of the main highway construction companies in the state and built much of the highway and interstate system throughout New Mexico.

Marvin’s daughter, Jolene and son-in-law Steve Benoit never strayed far from the highway business.  Steve began working with Marvin in the late 1970’s.  In 1980, the family purchased a conglomerate of companies in Albuquerque, including Mountain States Constructors, Inc.  Steve and Jolene became the Owners of MSCI only a few years later and continued the family legacy of building roadways and heavy civil projects to a standard that was not matched.  Steve will say that he didn’t know a fraction about the highway business that his father-in-law did, but the employees that have work for him over the many years disagree.  He preached safety, quality, and efficiency on a regular basis and continued the culture of Broce Construction that began almost a century ago.  Above all else, honesty and integrity were Steve and Jolene’s main contribution to the identity of MSCI and one that, we as current employees, hold most dear.   

In 2012, Steve and Jolene sold ownership of the company to a group of dedicated employees.  With David Otoski as the new President, MSCI’s core values remain unchanged.  It’s the belief that working safe and efficient with the utmost integrity, our company will continue to thrive just as it has under the Broce and Benoit families. 

MSCI’s success has been and will always remain a function of these core values and also the wonderful employees the we are so blessed to work with on a daily basis.